Saturday, February 12, 2011

Happy Dental Health Month!

Here are a few of the things I have done so far in the dental health unit, but hang in there for more to come next week with the tooth fairy!!

We have a classroom graph of the students have lost teeth in first grade. We used this to begin talking about how old you are, how to lose teeth, what happens once it is lost, and compare which months have had more or less. Students love to put their name on the graph when they lose a tooth!

After studying our graph, we talked about who has lost how many teeth. Then, we made ourselves and our teeth with marshmallows!

We used yarn, egg cartons, and toothbrushes to practice brushing and flossing our teeth.

Then, to prove a point to my first graders that they did not want to believe, we used dark soda pop and hard boiled eggs to find how sweets and pop have an effect on our beautiful teeth! They LOVED this idea, but I doubt they aren't going to enjoy all of our sweets on Valentines days!! It was worth it!!

We are still learning about dental health, next week we will be writing about the tooth fairy and using some center activities to reinforce some word work!!

What do you think!?


Sarah Paul

I like your experiment idea. My students would love that!

Mrs. Thiessen

Your blog is absolutely way too cute!!!!!!! I love it! I will definitely be borrowing some of your dental health ideas :)

Thanks for sharing!

Pamela Falle

It is great to know that children engage in this kind of activity. I hope they don't also missed out visiting their Bromall Cosmetic Dentist.

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