Thursday, August 18, 2011

Open House Treats

I have been searching around our blogging world and found some great ideas from SOMEONE but I cannot relocate the page.... if this item is yours please let me know so I can give the proper THANK YOU!

These labels are for open house bag of popcorn bags for the kiddos, shown on the other blog. I just made my own label to print and share!

Enjoy :)
Popping In

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Find a Friend

Who has a...?
Hello bloggers, I just created a cute twist to scavenger hunts, but with friends!!! I thought it would be a great way to begin talking before my students sit with a partner and interview each other! (I posted my interview in back to school). I hope someone can use it :)

Find a Friend

Monday, August 15, 2011

Bainbridge Giveaway!

Don't forget to head over to Christina's blog to enter to win her giveaway 'Check Please'! It's such a great thing to have for the WHOLE school year and it's super cute!!

Welcome Letter

Welcome Students!

In the beginning of August, my school sends each family their classroom teacher assignments for the fall. The packet includes a supply list and a welcome letter from the teacher. I wanted to share mine with you! I print it on cute decorated paper from the dollar tree! It always helps with a good first impression :)

On the first day of school, I send home a newsletter filled with another welcome letter, parent & student handbook, parent contact, parent survey, and permission slip to be on my classroom website. I am still working on putting it all together but check back soon!!!
Welcome Students

Here is my classroom supply list!

Supply List

Friday, August 12, 2011

Wedding Pictures :))

Da dum da dum.... hearing wedding bells?

Hey Bloggers! I just can't resist sharing a few pictures from my wedding in the Bahamas this past week! Of course, the day couldn't have been a better memory but Tropical Storm Emily didn't help! It was pouring rain when we woke up and by night fall it was HOT HOT HOT and full of bugs! Regardless of the weather, it was an amazing experience that I am so happy my husband and I shared together with our families!! There is no better way to have a wedding!

Here are some of the favorites from our wedding :)) Thanks for looking!

We were married right on a private beach in Eleuthera!

Here is one that I MUST FRAME!

Kipp Kash Management

On my honeymoon, yes it's scary, I created some rules for my Kipp Kash banking system. I tried to think of any potential difficulties we might run into and charted them as banking rules. Also, I listed any way a student can make a deposit or a withdrawal from their bank account. 

I just posted it up in my classroom today (sorry I didn't take a picture!) so it will help everyone have a clear idea of the rules for Kipp Kash management!!

Banking Rules

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Destination Wedding + Honeymoon = Weddingmoon!

Tonight my family, future in-laws, and fiance are heading to Eleuthera, Bahamas for a beautiful wedding on the beach!! Of course, I am a last minute packer and have a TON of things to prepare but my spray tan is looking GREAT! I'm sure I will over pack too many things for the wedding and, of course, beach wear, but it is all worth it! Here is a couple pictures from the first time we went to Pinepple Fields, Eleuthera!

This is the beach we will be married on :)

This is us on my 21st birthday! So young...

As you can see, I have been busy getting a few things prepared for back to school so I can truly relax and enjoy my weddingmoon! When I come back stay tuned for more goodies to prepare for my first year in third grade!

Interview a Partner!

And you are...?

I am still searching for great activities to start the school year off with a BANG! My goal, more than ever, is to get my students feeling comfortable, safe, and loved in their new third grade classroom. I am using this interview to help!

My students sit with a partner. They use that partner for many things throughout the day like math workshop, writing peer conference in writer's workshop, and much more! In order to help them get to know each other, I created an interview to help!!

Check it out!
First Day Interview

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Now Hiring!

Classroom Jobs!!
Since I am moving to third grade, classroom jobs are making a huge change too! In first grade, each day I had a boy and girl star helper. It was their job to be the line leaders, take attendance, lunch count, everything!

In third grade, I have created about 15 classroom jobs that will be rotated each week. I wrote the job and their description on a label so I can post it to the pockets I bought at dollar tree. I am using star sticks (like Popsicle sticks from reallygoodstuff) with each student's name on the star to assign. Hopefully, I can take a picture and attach it to the star!! 

Here are my jobs and descriptions! Enjoy :)


Here is a really great twist, I am so excited for! Each Friday, while the banker at Kipp Kash is working to see who can afford to pay their way to Fun Friday, students will complete a JOB APPLICATION! Students will want to be hired, because they get paid in Kipp Kash! They need their Kipp Kash to get our Fun Friday time and much more! 
Job Application

Hey Daily 5ers!!

Are you a Daily 5er?? I AM!

As I make the switch to third grade, I am changing the way I am holding my Daily 5 center chart. Last year I used a clip chart because my students knew that from centers, dare I say BEFORE the Daily 5 time! Here is my center chart from last year, but this year's will be a little different!

 This year, with older students, I am using a small pocket chart. Each student choose a card for each center, one MUST be read to self, and placed it inside the pocket chart next to their name for each round. I made these labels to print and stick on index cards and, of course, laminate! Help yourself!

Once my classroom is all set up, I'll upload more pictures of my new center chart!

Center Labels

Monday, August 1, 2011

What are you doing on the first day of school??

I am looking for some memorable and hands-on activities to try on the first day of school! Like all teachers, my dream is to have the students get off the bus screaming about what fun they had on the first day with their classmates!

What activities are you doing the first days of school!?

I have made 2 scavenger hunts around the classroom. The first is a bit easier, more obvious items to find in the classroom. They will complete this on their own.

Then, they will try the more detailed version with their partner!


Scavenger Hunt

Kipp Kash

What a summer! I am leaving in 3 days to get married in the Bahamas!!!! Of course, before we go I just need to make my lists and get some things prepared for my new third grade class in order to really relax!

I have decided that my third graders are going to use Kipp Kash as a behavior system! Here are some of the details...

Every student will receive $5 in Kipp Kash every week. You can earn Kipp Kash for raising your hand, showing model behavior, helping friends, following directions, etc. But, just like our bank accounts, you can loose Kipp Kash by being turned to yellow or red on the behavior chart and forgetting your homework!

I used a shoe hanging organizer (pictures to come later in the month because I can't get in my classroom till after my trip!) for each child's bank account. They will visit it at the end of each day to exchange their money. The banker is another classroom job to help refill weekly allowance and monitor bank accounts.

Students are working towards earning Kipp Kash for Fun Fridays. They must pay $5 to participate in Fun Friday because they will be earning it throughout the week.

I bought single dollar bills at a local teacher consignment store and printed labels to put on them and then laminate for long lasting Kipp Kash!

Kipp Kash Labels

Does anyone use anything like Kipp Kash? Leave your details, I would love to learn more!