Monday, August 1, 2011

Kipp Kash

What a summer! I am leaving in 3 days to get married in the Bahamas!!!! Of course, before we go I just need to make my lists and get some things prepared for my new third grade class in order to really relax!

I have decided that my third graders are going to use Kipp Kash as a behavior system! Here are some of the details...

Every student will receive $5 in Kipp Kash every week. You can earn Kipp Kash for raising your hand, showing model behavior, helping friends, following directions, etc. But, just like our bank accounts, you can loose Kipp Kash by being turned to yellow or red on the behavior chart and forgetting your homework!

I used a shoe hanging organizer (pictures to come later in the month because I can't get in my classroom till after my trip!) for each child's bank account. They will visit it at the end of each day to exchange their money. The banker is another classroom job to help refill weekly allowance and monitor bank accounts.

Students are working towards earning Kipp Kash for Fun Fridays. They must pay $5 to participate in Fun Friday because they will be earning it throughout the week.

I bought single dollar bills at a local teacher consignment store and printed labels to put on them and then laminate for long lasting Kipp Kash!

Kipp Kash Labels

Does anyone use anything like Kipp Kash? Leave your details, I would love to learn more!


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