Sunday, October 30, 2011

Boo.. it's almost November!

Where has the beginning of the school year gone!?

With a new adjustment to third grade, beginning graduate school, and a new HUBBY, life has been hectic (to say the least). I am going to try my very best to carve out some time for my blog and the bloggers I follow. I am always looking for new ideas and exciting ways to spice up my classroom!

Here are some Halloween ideas I have used in my classroom...

Persuasive Writing:
Students made haunted houses and wrote a persuasive story to get their reader to come inside their haunted house!

Exclamatory Sentences:
Students cut out a ghost and wrote an exclamatory sentence that a ghost would say or they would say if they saw a ghost.

RIP Overused Words:
We made a word graveyard for overused words. Each student got a tombstone and sent a word to the graveyard. On the tombstone, students wrote replacement words that could be used since their "favorite" word was now dead!

We carved a pumpkin and wrote a list of steps with transition words (first, next, last, etc.)

Compare & Contrast:
We compared and contrasted our house from a haunted house, apples from pumpkins, and fall to summer.

I am so SORRY I don't have any pictures. I just had to get back on my blog with or without all of the goodies! Stay tuned.. more to come!