Monday, April 4, 2011

Attention Bucket Fillers!

Have You Filled a Bucket Today?
Okay.... last week was a CRAZY CRAZY week in my first grade class. I feel like my students have really been struggling with peer interactions with kind words, helping each other, and controlling themselves. After a violent incident in the lunch room, I decided to take action. We are now BUCKET FILLERS! Check it out....

I grabbed this book and stopped my instruction for a bucket emergency! I began by reviewing our classroom rules (thanks for our fabulous PBIS program in my school). I pulled all of my materials out and my class worked together to make a section in our classroom for bucket filling. For each student, they traced their hand and we took an oath to follow the classroom rules. 

Then, I read this FANTASTIC book to my class. It's a MUST READ!

We acted out what it would look like to be a bucket filler and dipper. My students did VERY WELL with acting and identifying if it was bucket filling and dipping and why. So there is hope...

I used a hanging shoe organizer to hold everyone's bucket. Also, I found small children's cups in the dollar section of Target months ago and bought enough for my chart. To fill our buckets, we are using pom poms of all shapes and sizes!

I need your help too!!!
How do you manage bucket filling?
How do you celebrate when a child has a full bucket?
What happens to our consistent bucket dippers?
PLEASE share all and any of your great ideas!